Visual Annotation

Complete annotation solution for all your computer vision models.

Language Processing

Tagging, intent recognition, and transcription for Natural Language Processing

Model Validation

Check and improve your model performance, roll out with confidence

Make data better, at scale

We make your data better

Your analytics and predictions are only as good as your data and the machines learn what you train them. You need rich, labelled training data. Lots of it, fast and at low cost. We take the “computer hard” task, do it with love; because we care about the end result. We are less expensive than your data science teams time and they spend 80% of their time wrangling the data.

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Why Abelling?

Assured Quality

We use a combination of advanced algorithms and human-in-the-loop to get accurate labels, consistently.

Skilled Labellers

Trained labellers from the crowd and on-premise offer flexibility to cater speed of labelling and needs for security or specialization.

Efficient Tooling

We use the tools best suited for your data.

Designed for Quality

Training data quality dictates model quality. So we design our task and workforce focused on high-quality labelling, not just speed.

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