Reliably Outsource
Your Data Labeling Needs

So you can focus on building great models – Leave the grind of annotation to us!

What We Do

At abelling, we are proud to train machine learning models of the future.

We appreciate that the Talent, Time & Energy of Data Scientists, ML Engineers & General Managers is better spent identifying insights & building robust models rather than prepping scores of training data (We’ve been there!)

That’s why we provide high-quality data annotation & labelling services to clients globally – at super affordable rates. Your project may be big or small – our scalable infrastructure is here to support you!

We cover use-cases across:

Computer Vision

Static images, raw videos or 3D LiDAR - we've done it all!

Natural Language Processing

Speech within call-logs. Text within images. Sentiment in Tweets or Facebook posts. We got you covered!

Remote Services

Any repetitive or clerical tasks you need outsourced - We have the people to help you out!

Why Choose Abelling?

Skilled Labellers

Experienced labellers on-premise and from the crowd give you flexibility regarding speed of deliveryand any specialisation or security needs!

Focus on Quality

100% of our labelers are trained on your project’s parameters before assignment, and our in-house QA managers vet every instance before submitting data back to the client!

Efficient Tooling

There are a wide range of annotation platforms & tools out there. We ensure the tools best-suited for your use-case are used on your project.


Researchers, students and early tech startups love us – because we help train models quickly, without breaking the bank! Get high-quality human labelling service at less than $5/ hour!

Need something done? We’re here to to help!

You can email us at [email protected] ; Or call us at +14158432363 (US) or +8801841225464 (BAN)

Stuff We've Done

Check out some of the work we’ve already done for clients below:

What Our Clients Say

Worried about data security & privacy?

We are compliant with GDPR (EU), UK GDPR & CCPA guidelines, ensuring any data you share with us are always kept private & safe. For sensitive data (e.g. PII), we use anonymizer & data scrambling techniques to ensure anonymity; We also provide isolated systems & secure physical premises under surveillance for clients / projects who require it.

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Need something done? We’re here to to help!

You can email us at [email protected] ; Or call us at +14158432363 (US) or +8801841225464 (BAN)