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Deep learning systems are like babies. You owe it to teach them well
Our Story

Sami Tauseef, COO

IBA (DU) 2010, ex-RANCON, ex-Intelligent Machines

In 2017, Sami started working in an AI startup with the dream of building cool AI products.

However, while developing his first deep-learning algorithm, Sami realized that he needed large quantities of quality training data even before a proof-of-concept could be ready!

Preparing this training dataset became a frustrating and time-consuming bottleneck. That’s when Sami realized that he was not alone… Surely teams around the world faced this same pain-point!

Md Ali Zulayed, CEO

IBA (DU) 2010, ex-Uber, ex-Unilever

In 2018, Zulayed encountered a news article titled “30 Lakh Unemployed Graduates In Bangladesh”. That’s 3 MILLION educated, able, potentially productive young men & women – just sitting idle. What a waste!

Later on, while working at Uber, Zulayed witnessed thousands of unemployed youth rushing to become drivers & couriers – and realized that internet-enabled services could potentially ignite Bangladesh’s dormant workforce into a massively productive beast at the global scale.

Human-Powered Data Services could well become the next RMG sector of Bangladesh. Wherever in the world there is need for data labeling tasks –  we’re there to serve! 

Our Mission

Become the world’s #1 supplier of high-quality data services - harnessing the dormant power of the Bangladeshi workforce.

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