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Computer Vision

The world of visuals and computer vision is ever-growing. From 3D to 2D data, from videos to images, the scope of using data to improve user experience is unlimited. From spatial data and object recognition to semantic understanding and 3D point cloud annotations, we bring a greater understanding of the visual world. We do this with detailed, accurately tagged images and datasets to improve user experience. Quality is always maintained at our end.

Types of data we work with


We support a wide range of annotation types for computer vision. The process of labeling images is faster and easier when we do it for you. We focus on accuracy and bring you the best quality results.


Video is one of the fastest-growing forms of content on the Internet. With that is a growing need to understand videos better in the context of machine learning. This enables improvement in user experience while gathering insight. We are capable of supporting annotations for a wide range of computer vision and classification applications.

Sensor Fusion

For lidar and radar, we provide 3D point cloud annotations for computer vision training data. This helps build a better understanding of systems. Our technology is an industry-standard, annotation platform for 3D data. We are capable of supporting inputs from any LiDAR, RADAR, and camera. Machine learning teams can trust to accelerate and ensure the successful deployment of their models. We keep quality and accuracy in the front end - always.

Classification sorts images and videos into predefined categories and sub-categories.
If you need Classification labelling done, contact us to get a quote
Bounding Box
A bounding box is an annotation that describes the width, height, and location of objects. It is also applicable for videos considering each frame.
If you need labelling done for Bounding Boxes, contact us to get a quote.
Polygons help annotate the exact edges of an object for more definite targets and precision.
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Segmentation of different objects in an image. This includes full semantic, instance or panoptic segmentation.
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Points are annotations of landmarks on objects of interest.
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Lines & Splines
Lines and splines are straight and curved lines that are often used to annotate objects.
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Pose Estimation
Pose estimates are done using a combination of Points and Lines and Splines type annotations for a more accurate representation of the pose of an object.
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Cuboids are three-dimensional bounding boxes that describe the width, height, and depth of an object.
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For compliance purposes, enhancing searchability and even SEO, video transcription is essential to any organization’s growing video library.
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