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Quality is the backbone of our work. At the same time, we try to ensure the best value for your money.

Let us know what you need

Every project is unique. Our standard pricing can give you a ball-park estimate of what your project might cost; however, project-specific nuances may cause the complexity or the time needed to execute standard operations to vary – thus affecting your final cost.

We work with our clients before each project to assess their specific needs before providing a final quote.

Our Standard Pricing

We approach pricing in one of two ways. The approach best-suited for you will depend on your project’s nature:


At abelling, we have skilled pools of both in-house and crowdsourced workers ready to be deployed on your tasks. We manage the workforce for you – you only pay for their services by the hour. 

  • For majority of use-cases, our rates for human labelling service is less than $5 per man-hour 
  • Our online tools & tracking mechanisms provide you full transparency – ensuring maximum utilization of resources during the hours you pay for

Note that while human-labor usually covers the bulk of expenses, you may incur additional charges for tool-usage, storage, data engineering and extra quality and / or security measures as per your requirement


If your project’s operations are very well-defined and easily quantifiable, you may prefer a “per operation” or “per labeling task” approach to pricing (e.g “Price per 1000 bounding boxes with 5 classes”, or “Price per 100 NER tags in 10 pages of text or 1 hour of audio”, etc.)

“Per-operation” pricing usually has the cost of tools, storage, QC, etc. built-in. Clients need not concern themselves with worker’s efficiency or accuracy – you only pay for the accepted output that meets the quality specifications.

If you prefer such an approach, we’re happy to oblige. Find our standard pricing for different labeling operations in the PDF below.

Abelling price catalogue PDF

Factors which may cause your pricing to vary


From experience we have a rough idea how much time standard operations usually take, and our standard pricing is estimated based on that. However, we will evaluate your individual project tasks and specifications before giving the final quote.

During assessment, we often find gaps in client briefs that translate to weak specs and consequently lower quality labels or confusion among annotators leading to unnecessary repetition. We have the expertise to audit your specification / brief and even help sharpen it before deployment.


Certain projects may need annotators to be subject-matter experts (e.g. Doctors / medical students for biomedical datasets, or linguistic experts for NLP data sets, etc.)

We source such annotators whenever needed; however, the cost of such resources obviously is a little higher than that of our standard labellers.

Quality Specs

By default, our in-house QA managers vet every labeling instance before submitting to a client. We find this usually ensures 95%+ accuracy on our projects.

However, certain projects can require double or even triple checks per label – often by specialized teams and / or unique individuals. This improves output quality to 98%+; but obviously at an additional cost.


If you have super-tight deadlines, we can deploy additional resources to get the tasks completed on-time in-full.

While it costs a little-extra, we’ve found that many of our clients who’re on the clock appreciate this option.

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