We prepare training data for AI

Our team, processes, tools, and training data platform all work together seamlessly to deliver high quality training data for your language models.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is very important when it comes to automation. It helps remove ambiguity and provides greater meaning to an automation ecosystem. We pay attention to sentiment, semantic, syntax, and context analysis. We focus on accuracy and work on unstructured datasets for smarter NLP algorithms

Types of data we work with


The possibilities of working with text-based data are practically endless. But first, we need to understand, extract, and be able to use this data. This is where we come in with our standards of quality and focus on accuracy.


Extract information and gain valuable insights from document-based data: forms, invoices, claims, IDs, loan applications, restaurant menus and more.


We use the most comprehensive platforms for speech-to-text conversions. We also support a wide range of audio labeling solutions

Classifies different text and documents into predefined categories.
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Named Entity Recognition
Named entity recognition does what it is named after. It recognizes text and structures it. It does so by categorizing the text into predefined categories of data.
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Extracting text from various unstructured data is very important for businesses. Extracting text from documents, images, videos, etc. can prove to be helpful for many business purposes.
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Data Extraction
Extracting relevant data from a document - via automated scripting or manual human effort (usually both).
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Utterance Collection
Identifying words that signal a user’s intent, often used to determine actions to take based on users’ responses.
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Sentiment Analysis
A sentiment is a view or an opinion that is held or expressed. Here data are categorized based on entire texts and their sentiment.
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Included in every project team will be a dedicated team lead who will have direct communication with you at your convenience and an AI-tool powered cloud team

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